Studio Rx | Global Production Network for Life Sciences

Studio Rx is a global production network for life sciences. We partner directly with pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and advertising agencies to bring revolutionary content, digital, and print tactics to life. We focus on quality and deliver efficiency through our global production network, a lean process, and automation.


Studio Rx offers comprehensive production services to develop healthcare tactics. Whether it’s a TV commercial, social spot, AR experience, Drupal website, Alexa skill, Veeva IVA, journal ad, out-of-home ad, or derivative materials – Studio Rx can help.

Content Creation

  • Bespoke Video Production
  • Augmented Reality (AR) + Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Motion Graphics + Visual Effects
  • Video + Audio Postproduction
  • Live Action Production
  • Social



  • Digital Page Composition
  • High-Resolution Art
  • Conceptual Art + 3D
  • Manual Studio
  • Print Production
  • DAM Expertise

Global Production Network

Studio Rx has 10 integrated studios strategically located in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Studios in major markets allow Studio Rx to work closely with clients and respond quickly to change, while studios in lower-cost markets allow us to leverage a broader pool of talent, provide competitive rates, and deliver a follow-the-sun model.

Studio Rx Global Production Network

Lean Process

Studio Rx is a global production network for life sciences so our processes are tailored to healthcare tactics. Empowered teams of generalists and specialists work alongside one another to minimize touches and maximize efficiencies. We make better products, in less time, with less friction.


Studio Rx uses a cloud-based, proprietary platform to connect and empower our studios that includes applications for project management, resource management, digital asset management, asset syndication, asset routing, text comparison, asset comparison, and quality assurance (QA).

Asset syndication is just one example that exemplifies our progressive approach to developing¬†healthcare tactics. We are able to database global assets such as Important Safety Information (ISI) and syndicate the ISI to a variety of pharmaceutical tactics. This cuts down on studio time, and also has a “halo” effect that can streamline Medical/Legal/Regulatory (MLR) reviews. It can also make label updates a snap.

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